Tamil Library Service

The London Tamil Sangam Library is the largest Tamil Library in UK with more than 5000 Tamil books on various subjects and there are currently 312 members using the library.

The Sangam’s library is well stocked with the following:

  • Range of books from Astronomy to Zoology.
  • Fictions and non-fictions are shared at the ratio of 50-50.
  • Fictions and non-fictions are shared at the ratio of 50-50.
  • Weekly Tamil magazines from India.
  • Daily Tamil newspapers from India.
  • We are trying to procure another 1000 books for the library and to expand our services by even keeping English books and academic books for the After School Club.
  • We have also started a new English Library for members who wish to learn English and to give added service to our students who are in English class and in After School Club.

How do I become a member

To become a library member we will collect a refundable deposit of £10.00 which will be refunded to you when you cancel your membership provided that you have no borrowed books in your name.

Please contact the office for an application form.

If you wish to donate Tamil or English books to our library please contact our office.